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So.  You want to be an Agent of Change?



We LOVE graduate students, and they seem to love us!  Our environment is highly supportive, training-intensive, and flexibly-structured.


Hear from Clinical Director, EMilY HORNING



What We Promise:

  • Hands-on, Immersive Training:
    • Licensure-required supervision is provided in-house (or outside, as necessary) for all clinicians, at no-cost to most clinicians
    • Specific spot-work supervision is also provided (e.g., separate couples counseling supervision), at no-cost to most clinicians
    • Monthly Change, Inc. 101 Workshops where in-house clinicians are paid to present to one another within their areas of expertise/training/certification
    • Group consultations with paid experts in the field (e.g., Dr. Jeffrey Kottler)
  • The Most Competitive Starting Mental Health Salaries in St. Louis: Our compensation model means new clinicians make full-time salaries (average $45-$55K per year) working just 3 days per week!


  • 3-Day Work Week: Clinicians are only required to be in the office working 3 days per week, and otherwise are asked to check email about every 24 hours; Any infrequent ad hoc meetings or requirements are compensated at an hourly rate, and supervision is paid for!!! 
  • No recruiting involved:  Clinicians’ caseloads are built entirely for them in 60-90-days.
  • Group Experiences: Once per quarter, outside facilitators lead day-long group therapy experiences **for our therapists** to process the difficult work of being clinicians. There is nothing like this offered anywhere else in STL!!!

  • Social Events: Three times per year, Change, Inc. pays for social events for clinicians and staff to be together in a social setting with no agenda but to have fun and relax.
  • Opportunities for Growth and Advancement: Most all of our clinicians go on to become clinical mentors or licensure supervisors, or to fulfill leadership functions within our environment.

  • Low-Turnover: Whereas it is a generally accepted fact that most mental health work has a high-turnover/burn-out rate, Change, Inc. turns over 6% or less of our staff per year.


Coming Straight from Graduate School?  So Did the Clinicians Below, and Many More!!! 




Who Works with Us?


Diversity & Change, Inc.: Practical, Transparent, Ethical

At Change, Inc., here are the ways our commitment to diversity is demonstrated internally and externally.  

Of our current clinical, support, and executive staff of 21 persons:  

  • 13 (~62%) identify as women // 8 (~38%) identify as men

  • 4 (~19%) identify as African-American
  • 2 (~10%) identify as LGBTQ+
  • We also have diverse:
    • Religious/spiritual identities, to include Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Eclectic, Atheist, Agnostic, and Non-Identifying persons.
    • Ages, to include clinicians ranging from their late 20’s to early 60’s.
    • Therapeutic orientations, to include practitioners working from Motivational, Gestalt, ACT, EFT, Existential, CBT, Person-Centered, Psychodynamic, and a variety of other frameworks.
    • Professional Licensure, to  include Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC), Licensed Clinical Psychologists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, and Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists.










Hear from Assistant Clinical Director, NICOLE NEACE







Please note the following qualifications carefully:

  • Required : Documented Master’s degree or higher in Counseling or related field.
  • Required : Documented minimum 2-4 years experience in mental health at-large, and some actual counseling experience.
  • Preferred : Documented Licensure as an unrestricted, non-supervision-required Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) (if in MO) or LCPC (if coming from IL), Social Worker (LCSW), or Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT). 
    NOTE: **Supervision-required/Provisional licensure (LMSW, PLPC, PLMFT) will be considered if all other qualifications met on a case by case basis.** 
  • This is a healthcare environment — all employees are required to be vaccinated + booster, or to show proof thereof


You think you’re up to the challenge, eh?

***Please no phone calls or visits.***

If we’re interested, someone will contact you back within 3-10 business days.



Compensation is a percentage of the billed amount per client, commensurate with therapist licensure and experience. 

Provisionally Licensed Clinicians working 3 days per week:

Year 1:
$40,800/year to $45,600/year (3 days per week)

Year 2:
$43,200/year to $48,000/year (3 days per week)

Year 3: 
Eligible for %-based compensation!!!
$50-$60,000/year (3 days per week)

Additional BENEFITS

  • Continuing education reimbursement
  • Free annual admission to a conference
  • Quarterly therapeutic “group experiences” where a facilitator leads a process group aimed at helping you receive the support you need to manage the difficulty associated with being a therapist
  • In-house process-experiential groups lead by a certified Gestalt therapist, aimed at helping you learn new skills opportunities to grow with your peers that are simply not offered anywhere else in STL:
  • Twice yearly social events paid for entirely by the company, with our entire team — no agenda but to hang out and build community!.
  • Employee-driven social events organized by our tongue-in-cheek “FUN! Committee”

Hear from Managing Director, Stacy Blassingame