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So.  You want to be an Agent of Change?



We LOVE graduate students, and they seem to love us!  Our environment is highly supportive, training-intensive, and flexibly-structured.


Hear from Clinical Director, EMilY HORNING



What We Promise:

  • Hands-on, Immersive Training:
    • Licensure-required supervision is provided in-house (or outside, as necessary) for all clinicians, at no-cost to most clinicians
    • Specific spot-work supervision is also provided (e.g., separate couples counseling supervision), at no-cost to most clinicians
    • Monthly Change, Inc. 101 Workshops where in-house clinicians are paid to present to one another within their areas of expertise/training/certification
    • Group consultations with paid experts in the field (e.g., Dr. Jeffrey Kottler)
  • The Most Competitive Starting Mental Health Salaries in St. Louis: Our compensation model means new clinicians make full-time salaries (average $45-$55K per year) working just 3 days per week!


  • 3-Day Work Week: Clinicians are only required to be in the office working 3 days per week, and otherwise are asked to check email about every 24 hours; Any infrequent ad hoc meetings or requirements are compensated at an hourly rate, and supervision is paid for!!! 
  • No recruiting involved:  Clinicians’ caseloads are built entirely for them in 60-90-days.
  • Group Experiences: Once per quarter, outside facilitators lead day-long group therapy experiences **for our therapists** to process the difficult work of being clinicians. There is nothing like this offered anywhere else in STL!!!

  • Social Events: Three times per year, Change, Inc. pays for social events for clinicians and staff to be together in a social setting with no agenda but to have fun and relax.
  • Opportunities for Growth and Advancement: Most all of our clinicians go on to become clinical mentors or licensure supervisors, or to fulfill leadership functions within our environment.

  • Low-Turnover: Whereas it is a generally accepted fact that most mental health work has a high-turnover/burn-out rate, Change, Inc. turns over 6% or less of our staff per year.


Coming Straight from Graduate School?  So Did the Clinicians Below, and Many More!!! 




Who Works with Us?


Diversity & Change, Inc.: Practical, Transparent, Ethical

At Change, Inc., here are the ways our commitment to diversity is demonstrated internally and externally.  

Firstly, we know that personal lived experiences and identities impact our professional clinical work. As many of our positions are focused on working with LGBTQIIA+ persons, persons of color, or other unique groups with unique needs, having clinicians with one or more shared identities is invaluable. Thus, we highly encourage members of these groups to apply to our growing and vibrant team.

Of our current clinical, support, and executive staff of 21 persons:  

  • 14 (~67%) identify as women // 7 (~33%) identify as men
  • 3 (~14%) identify as African-American
  • 2 (~10%) identify as LGBTQ+
  • We also have diverse:
    • Religious/spiritual identities, to include Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Eclectic, Atheist, Agnostic, and Non-Identifying persons.
    • Ages, to include clinicians ranging from their late 20’s to early 60’s.
    • Therapeutic orientations, to include practitioners working from Motivational, Gestalt, ACT, EFT, Existential, CBT, Person-Centered, Psychodynamic, and a variety of other frameworks.
    • Professional Licensure, to  include Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC), Licensed Clinical Psychologists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, and Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists.


Hear from Assistant Clinical Director, NICOLE NEACE







Please note the following qualifications carefully:

  • Required : Documented Master’s degree or higher in Counseling or related field.
  • Required : Documented minimum 2-4 years experience in mental health at-large, and some actual counseling experience.
  • Preferred : Documented Licensure as an unrestricted, non-supervision-required Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) (if in MO) or LCPC (if coming from IL), Social Worker (LCSW), or Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT). 
    NOTE: **Supervision-required/Provisional licensure (LMSW, PLPC, PLMFT) will be considered if all other qualifications met on a case by case basis.** 
  • This is a healthcare environment — all employees are required to be vaccinated + booster, or to show proof thereof


You think you’re up to the challenge, eh?

***Please no phone calls or visits.***

If we’re interested, someone will contact you back within 3-10 business days.



Compensation is a percentage of the billed amount per client, commensurate with therapist licensure and experience. 

Provisionally Licensed Clinicians working 3 days per week:

Year 1:
$40,800/year to $45,600/year (3 days per week)

Year 2:
$43,200/year to $48,000/year (3 days per week)

Year 3: 
Eligible for %-based compensation!!!
$50-$60,000/year (3 days per week)

Additional BENEFITS

  • Continuing education reimbursement
  • Free annual admission to a conference
  • Quarterly therapeutic “group experiences” where a facilitator leads a process group aimed at helping you receive the support you need to manage the difficulty associated with being a therapist
  • In-house process-experiential groups lead by a certified Gestalt therapist, aimed at helping you learn new skills opportunities to grow with your peers that are simply not offered anywhere else in STL:
  • Twice yearly social events paid for entirely by the company, with our entire team — no agenda but to hang out and build community!.
  • Employee-driven social events organized by our tongue-in-cheek “FUN! Committee”

Hear from Managing Director, Stacy Blassingame