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jen durham austin, LCSW 

About JEN

Jen Durham Austin is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in the state of Missouri.  She completed her Master of Social Work degree at Washington University in St. Louis with a concentration in Mental Health with a specialization in LGBTQ+ Populations.  Jen was initially licensed in 2011 in the state of California, and spent 8 years working at the Los Angeles LGBT Center working with adults, couples, and adolescents, bolstered by her own life experience as a married, queer-identified person with a child.  Jen has special clinical experience in the areas of trauma//complex stress/PTSD, substance use, depression, and anxiety.  She also worked in the field of college sexual assault and relationship violence at Stanford University and Washington University for over 5 years.  

Jen’s non-judgmental and down-to-earth approach includes elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Narrative Therapy, creating a safe, warm, and effective therapeutic environment.  She has a strong foundation in resiliency work and works with the strengths, core beliefs, and abilities of all her clients with the goal of increasing insight, lifelong satisfaction, and holistic healing and growth.  Jen believes we have the capacity to change, heal, and surpass our wildest expectations.  

From Jen:

“Most people struggle to find the time and willingness within their busy lives to reflect on goals, behaviors, thinking, and emotions, much less to consider them in a cohesive and overarching way. Consequently, we may also struggle to fully understand ourselves and our lives. Therapy provides the necessary framework and space to address these realities with intention and care, and the safety to know ourselves more intimately and authentically. In so doing, we are not only able to identify areas for growth, improvement, and healing, but to see how many of these constructs are already operative in our lives — we also find that we are resilient, beautiful, and unique. Together with you, I am committed to a process of listening, understanding, and unconditional positive regard.”

Today stands before us with promise. It invites us to fully participate in experiences. That we are alive, that we stand present facing this day, guarantees that we are qualified to handle every challenge that snags our attention.  And we need have no fear.  The world and all that’s in it is spirit-full.  We are safe and secure if we’d but believe it.

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