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Hello!  We’re so glad you’re interested in a position at Change, Inc., and thank you for completing the RHETI!  


Most clinicians come in to interview processes tending to emphasize items we’re not that interested in — they want us to know what theoretical orientations they prefer, what research they’re interested in, and how highly-skilled they are.  Nothing is wrong with this per se.  However, we believe your clinical skillset will be obvious very quickly based primarily on your experience level — i.e., you can’t be farther along there than you are, so trying to convince us otherwise isn’t really fruitful.  So, at Change, Inc., we’re more interested in whether you “fit” within our environment.  That is to say, both with the experience you’ll gain and the mentorship and supervision we provide, we can help you develop yourself clinically, but whether or not that is possible is based largely on how you respond to our DNA.

SO…Please read our Mission and Overarching Philosophy & Frame at this link, then answer the following questions within the timeframe specified in the email which directed you to this page.  Email us with questions!

Pre-Interview Questionnaire

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