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Ronald LAney,

ma, plpc



Ronald Laney holds a Master of Arts in Professional Counseling from Lindenwood University (Belleville Campus) and is a Provisionally Licensed Professional Counselor (PLPC) (supervisor) in the state of Missouri.  Ronald has a varied and fascinating background in both graphic design and private aviation prior to becoming a counselor in midlife, in addition to having played an active role in parenting his children.  He also has extensive experience practicing mindfulness and meditation in Buddhist monasteries.

 Ronald’s strengths within counseling include helping with depression, anxiety, fear, irritability or anger, spirituality, and grief,  as well as relationships with self and others (including couples).  He has special interest and experience in men’s issues, including men who may be struggling with finding their place in the world and grappling with manhood in our current culture. 

 From Ronald:

We live in a culture that sometimes stigmatizes our decisions to seek counseling — it’s as if our drive to reduce our suffering is, somehow, a sign of weakness. May I suggest that the exact opposite is true? Not only is it heroic to stop distracting and running away from ourselves, but a genuine act of love and self-respect. May our work together be a framework from which all concerned, myself included, emerge as kinder and more authentic sentient beings.

I do not have easy answers, but…a great deal depends on love, and that when people are loved they change.

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