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brETT MOSER, lmsw


About BrETT

Brett is a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) in the state of Missouri, and completed the Master of Social Work program at the Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis with a concentration in Mental Health.  Brett has experience with adolescents and adults in areas related to depression, anxiety, men’s issues, relationships, life transitions, LGBTQ+ identity exploration, and trauma/PTSD.


Brett dedicates himself to meeting clients as they are, taking into consideration what is most important to them and how they understand themselves; he is deeply interested in the way relationships, community, environment, and experiences shape worldview.  He empowers clients to discover the way their own assets and insights are crucial for change, using warmth, safety, and empathy as core tenets of his therapeutic approach.


From Brett:

Many of us enter therapy believing that we are lost causes or somehow don’t belong in this space.  Let me be the first to affirm that you are whole, that you do not need to be ‘fixed’, and that you belong. In therapy, the needs of each person are unique, but our shared humanity connects us in deep and meaningful ways, so our time together will bring both of these to the fore.  We will need your self-determination and tenacity, and we will also need one another — the relationship between client and therapist is in fact the vehicle for healing and recovery.  My deepest wish is to be a guide and fellow sojourner as we journey toward change.

 No matter what has transpired in your life up to this point, no matter what you are facing, no matter what feels ‘wrong,’ you are fundamentally okay, worthy, and secure in this very moment, even if you don’t know it or feel it. This is so even when the outer world appears overwhelmingly disorienting or threatening, and even when the interior world of your own mind feels tumultuous and shaky.

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