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The Change, Inc. Difference.

Have you ever searched for counseling?  

The outcome can be downright disheartening.

Many counseling practices never answer the phone or return calls or emails.   And many of our clients report that their experiences with counselors themselves aren’t much better — they show up expecting insightful, compelling, experienced people with good insight and real expertise, but real-life counselors often don’t get anywhere close.


We do better.

Here’s what to expect on the phone.

  • Interested, engaging people answering the phones as much as is humanly possible.
  • Personal, human connection in scheduling (no robots or software).
  • Curiosity about what’s been troubling with you and a desire to know enough details to place you with the right fit.
  • If we don’t answer the phone because we’re talking with someone else, we’ll give you a return phone call. PROMPTLY. 
    • Phone calls received on before 3pm CT Monday through Saturday will be returned the same business day, and the next business day if you called after 3pm CT or on Sundays
    • Emails are always returned by no later than the next business day. 

Here’s what to expect in the room.

  • No interns!  Our folks all have a Master’s Degree or Higher in Professional Counseling, Clinical Social Work, Marriage & Family Therapy, or Psychology — we do not hire interns.
  • We strive to hire mental health veterans (clinicians who have been working in mental health for some time prior to their counseling roles).  They understand the larger continuum of care and know how to care for clients globally.
  • Counseling Pros! Our sweet spot for hiring is mid-career clinicians with a number of years of actual counseling experience beyond their larger mental health careers. When we hire someone with less experience, they have really knocked our socks off and are a rising star!!!
  • Healthy, accessible clinicians who practice what they preach. We ask that all counselors have historical experience being in therapy for themselves (as clients), and that they maintain both individual personal therapy and individual clinical supervision throughout their time with us.



or call Now: (877) 5-CHANGE (524-2643)

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Adjusting to Change

Loni was a standout student during her high school years, and relished her leadership roles in the National Honor Society and the varsity volleyball team. When she graduated with a perfect GPA as the class valedictorian, everyone was certain that she’d do swimmingly in college. She’d passed some of her first year struggles to balance work, school, and social life as “freshman jitters,” but couldn’t seem to make any significant headway in each area now in her second year either.

Depression Counseling

Pursuing job change, Nancy recently moved.  She’d initially been excited about the possibilities for new friends and an entirely new lifestyle.  But she was beginning to think she might’ve overestimated her ability to adjust.  She couldn’t seem to connect well with new friends, and the more she tried, the worse she felt.  She’d always been a little prone to the “blues”, but being alone in a new city was taking her to new lows.

Anxiety Counseling

Steven whizzed through the academics of high school and college with ease.  But the social side was a totally different picture.  Growing up, people often labeled him as an “introvert”, but they didn’t know the half of it.  He often looked for excuses to avoid parties, get-togethers, and most any social situation because he felt so keyed-up and nervous.

Co-Dependence & Unhealthy Love

Everyone told Angie she was controlling.  She just couldn’t see it.  As a matter of fact, she believed she was the one being mistreated and felt incredibly wounded when anyone saw things differently.  The truth was probably somewhere in between — she was dating a needy, controlling boyfriend who’d proven time and time again that he was too ill to be in a relationship with her, but what she failed to see…

Addiction Counseling

Nina had always been the life of the party. Her winsome attitude and good looks assured that most everyone liked being around her. Recently, however, social functions had become increasingly awkward and troublesome. At happy hour with work colleagues, she was slurring her words, making inappropriate comments, and stumbling over her own feet.  People were beginning to worry.

Couples Counseling

Morris and Jamie are the classic “on-again/off-again” couple.  Their 3-year dating relationship has been characterized by countless break-ups and make-ups, each time the couple promising the other this time they were in it for good. Now they’re going through the “let’s date other people” routine again, but neither is sure they can make it for another go-round.

LGBTQIIA+ Counseling

Jonah knew he felt something for other men from a very early age, but having grown up in a conservative family he tried to keep it to himself.  Now in his early twenties, he was beginning to feel depressed at how frequently he still hid this part of himself.  Isolation was lonely, but he didn’t know what else to do with his fear of family rejection. 

The Change Incorporated Difference
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