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Counseling St. Louis

St. Louis CounselingWhat is Counseling?

Change, Inc. Counseling St. Louis is a pathway discovery – about yourself, your feelings, your relationships, and the interplay between all of these things.   You’ll learn about these things first hand (through your own insights), through feedback, through assessments, and more.  Like any “educational” environment, you are likely to net the most benefit with active participation, regular session attendance, and open, honest communication.  Research has shown that the “therapeutic rapport” – the bond you form with your counselor – is the single biggest predictor of success in therapy.  Techniques can be important, but even more important is how well you connect.

What will my St. Louis counselor do, exactly?

Ah, yes!  That’s the $25 million dollar question, isn’t it?  It’s normal to feel a bit confused about what the therapy process can look like.  Television, movies, self-help books, and therapists with different perspectives – all of these things make it difficult to know just what to expect.  Unfortunately, fear and lack of information about therapy can be one of the biggest reasons people decide to never reach out at all.  At Change Inc. Counseling St. Louis, your counselor will:

  • Listen to your concerns
  • Disclose the “rules” of therapy surrounding confidentiality, office policies, and ethical issues
  • Provide an outline of what therapy may look like, and partner with you to establish goals
  • Collaborate with you to come up with appropriate “homework” – i.e., things you’ll need to do in between sessions
  • Check-in with you regularly about progress
  • Tell you if they think you’re doing well or may need a different form of treatment and provide appropriate referrals
  • Respect you, your belief system, and your way of life.
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What makes St. Louis Counseling at Change, Inc. so unique?

St. Louis Counseling

Our founder believes in a holistic approach to counseling in St. Louis, meaning we consider your emotional, behavioral, physical, relational, intellectual, and spiritual health to me interrelated.  While we always respect your wishes if you choose to “seal” one of these areas off, we do our best to help point out how struggles in one area may be impacting those in another in our efforts to find out root causes and explore areas of conflict.

In addition, our philosophy is predicated on the notion that, while there may be many things “wrong” in your life, there is also very likely to be many things “right”.  Many counselors are hopelessly focused on problems, but we purse what is already working in your life and operate from a strengths-based perspective whenever we can.

We respect your right to choose.

Participation in counseling in St. Louis is a personal choice.  Even if you’ve been asked by friends or family to go to counseling, or even if you’ve been mandated to come by a judge or a job, the choice about how much you engage is yours.  Clients are encouraged to talk with us openly and honestly about their reservations, their fears, their questions regarding the therapy process, progress they may/may not be making, and most anything else that seems relevant.  We’ll always answer honestly, compassionately, and non-judgmentally.

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Our therapists aren’t just expert counselors – they’re agents of change!  They can help you reduce your anxiety by improving your thinking, helping you adjust areas of wellness, guiding you through practices of meditation and mindfulness

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