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Change, Inc. St. Louis Counseling

is proud to introduce the I AM TRYING tees.

Who among us hasn’t felt some mix of helplessness, frustration, confusion, and struggle at the state of the world?  Being emotionally overwhelmed is surprisingly easy when we look around us and find that the magnitude of the world’s problems, and indeed, even our own problems in our own lives, are often just too much for any one of us to overcome on our own.

So, the I AM TRYING tees are

an expression of the heart in a time where we must return to the center of our intention and spirit, muster all the strength at our disposal, and screw our courage to the sticking place. We announce to the world that all is not well, but that we intend to keep going, to keep placing one foot in front of the other, and to keep looking at the world and ourselves with eyes that affirm human dignity and core worth.

They read:

To speak with honesty
To live with authenticity
To share with vulnerability

While supplies last, they are available for just $19.99 (plus s/h)!!!!

Available in:

White/Black, Grey Fleck/Black, Cardinal/White