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A Reflection for the 2018 New Year

I have this concept I've been working with for the past 12-18 months which I've named, "The Forward-Facing 90 (FF90)" -- it's my way of saying that about 90% of who I am is genuinely visible to literally everyone most of the time. 90.01-95% is visible only to those in...

Getting to Know Change, Inc.: Counselor Zach Polk

Popular culture (films, movies, books, etc.) tends to portray counselors in one of two ways.  On one hand, counselors are often portrayed as somewhat mysterious, enigmatic figures who reveal little of themselves to their clients, generally hiding behind horned-rimmed...

On Being a Client: Guideposts for a Smooth Counseling Experience

Most clients are initially nervous about counseling.  Some even report that they still feel lost mid-way through.  And frankly, why wouldn’t you?  Counseling is a somewhat mysterious process both in its nature, and in the notion that there simply isn’t a lot written...

Lessons from Alice in Wonderland: We’re All Mad Here!!!

One of the more common questions I'm asked in therapy is, "Am I crazy?!!"  My clients tend to wonder how they compare to all those "normal" people out there. This question calls to mind Alice in Lewis Carroll's 1865 classic, Alice in Wonderland (or at least the 1951...

Vulnerability: The Key to Growth?

By definition, the work therapists do requires our clients to be vulnerable in ways that they probably never experience otherwise in their lives -- most clients know this well!  What we are all perhaps less familiar with is the ways in which our role requires...

Caring For Yourself Through Grief: 7 Tips

When we suffer a loss, all of a sudden a million things demand our attention: making arrangements, handling business, making sure the children are ok and dealing with our own feelings of grief and loss. It’s easy during these stressful times to forget to take care of...

Therapists Get Depressed Too?

I’ve been a little depressed lately.
Wait…did I say that out loud?
Doesn’t matter. It’s true either way. That’s right. I’m a therapist, and I’ve been depressed lately. It’s actually remarkable how predictable this sort of thing is for me.

Change, Inc. in the News!

Did you see us in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch this week?  We were there!  Change, Inc. Founder and Clinical and Managing Director, Ryan Thomas Neace, was featured in an article discussing the impact of online behavior in relationships!  Click here to read!

Positive Thinking or Plain Ol’ Denial?

Thinking positively about the people in our lives acknowledges that they have flaws and faults which may have an impact on us, and allows us to make informed decisions about how to interact while still choosing to think of them positively. We do this by learning to...

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